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Sponsor Benefits

Why you should become an ITMA sponsor

If your company is involved or interested in the transportation logistics industry, sponsoring ITMA would allow you to promote, advertise, and network. 

ITMA is well-regarded in the industry. ITMA's luncheons and workshops are some of the industry's most well-attended. Our annual Mack Johnson Memorial Golf Classic scholarship fundraiser continues to be immensely popular.

Your sponsorship supports the ITMA Scholarship Program. Once a year, ITMA awards scholarships to qualified university applicants studying in logistics, transportation management and industry-related business administration degree programs.

Objectives sponsors may achieve through ITMA:

Promoting Corporate ID
Companies display their corporate logos on event signs, ITMA's website, meeting notices and/or promotional materials.

Target Marketing
Many companies utilize ITMA event sponsorship as a way to gain attention from the trade and reach a select audience.

Entertainment Opportunity
A number of companies utilize ITMA events as a place to entertain clients.

Public Relations
Some companies cited public relations value as a reason why they continue to sponsor ITMA.

ITMA is a non-profit 501(c)(6) and contributions to are not deductible as charitable contributions on the donor’s federal income tax return. However, they may be deductible as trade or business expenses if ordi­nary and necessary in the conduct of the taxpayer’s business. Please consult your CPA regarding any possible tax benefits available.

Lunch Sponsors


Sponsorship Includes:

Meeting Representation

At every luncheon, there is a designated area that is elegantly arranged to provide each sponsor an individual presentation area, to showcase the company.

We have 10 sponsor spaces evenly divided across two tables, prominently displayed at the front of the luncheon room.


sponsor2ITMA provides a beautiful gold frame to display the sponsor company name and general services description or perhaps a company motto.

sponsor1In this area, each sponsor can select the promotional items they wish to display. Typical items include business cards (we provide the holder), brochures, additional company literature and promotional items such as pens, pads, cups, etc.

itmasp3The great advantage with this display area is that the ITMA Board volunteers manage these areas - there is nothing for you to do! We maintain all literature in good condition and advise you when your supplies are dwindling. It is your choice to join us at each meeting, but regardless of your personal attendance, your company is always represented in a professional manner.


ITMA website announcement of your sponsorship

All sponsor logos and website links are proudly displayed on the ITMA website.

Low Annual Investment

ITMA luncheon sponsorships are available for an annual investment of only $550.00.

Banner Sponsors

Banner sponsorship allows you to donate $500 annually to ITMA's scholarship and educational programs while showing the industry your support through a color banner that we will create with your logo and display at every luncheon.

Named Scholarship Sponsorships

This Sponsorship allows you to give a donation to ITMA that will be awarded to a winning Scholarship Recipient at our next Scholarship Awards Ceremony. The Scholarship will bear your company name and you will receive recognition on our website, through our extensive distribution system and certain industry journals.

Sponsor ITMA Today!

Visit our ITMA Electronic Payment System or contact president@itmahouston.org to learn more.