Join our Scholarship Award Luncheon on June 24!

Hello ITMA Friends!   

This past spring brought us unforeseen challenges that kept us from being together to network and do business face to face.  Most of us have become accustomed to conference calls and video meetings.  We have learned strategic camera placement and exotic backgrounds.  We have learned to work around active kids and barking dogs.  Some of us have even mastered the art of maintaining a professional appearance from the waist up while secretly enjoying the comfort of sweatpants.  Some feel safer continuing this way of working and doing business for the foreseeable future, while others are back “out there”.  Still others are somewhere in between.  Whichever category you may be in, I hope you are well.

For those who feel comfortable doing so, we would like to invite you to our Scholarship Luncheon on June 24, 2020.  The Scholarship Luncheon is always an important event because we have the pleasure of helping the next generation enter our industry.  This year’s scholarship recipients maneuvered more obstacles than usual to meet the eligibility requirements, and we are honored to recognize them and invite their family members to come support them.  We are also thrilled that Ed Emmett has agreed to come and speak at this special luncheon.  Rest assured that the Hyatt will have plenty of space for social distancing, tables will be spread far apart, and every other seat will be left vacant at each table.  Every individual should use their own discretion in regard to hand-shaking, and we ask that you consider the comfort level of others.  Remember, elbow bumping is the new hi-5!

We truly appreciate your continued support of ITMA and look forward to seeing you!

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